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Stories, thanks and congratulations

Every month our users through the different means of institutional communication let us know the perception they have of the service we provided. These stories, thanks and congratulations highlight the work done by the headquarters officials, demonstrating their excellent service.

  • Congratulations to the security guards for their excellent service and kindness Mrs. Luz Dary Salgado, Ms. Isabel García; They are very collaborative and respectful. Congratulations to the San Rafael Clinic and the entire team of nurses, doctors, toilets, they have everything organized and excellent care. Thank you for all that I am very proud and happy, thank you very much, Clínica San Rafael name of my wife that was attended by you.

    Jairo Guerrero Bernal

    2019-11-19 · SAN RAFAEL

  • Attention to the user of the San Rafael University Clinic allow me to congratulate them for their excellent service, I want to congratulate all the professionals especially Dr. Martha Pinzón, orthopedic surgeon and for all her work team, I thank God for putting her in me I walk because thanks to her and to God I am convinced that I will have improvement in my health.

    Luis Eduardo Landazuri

    0201-11-28 · SAN RAFAEL

  • From the moment I entered the care, it was spectacular from the medical staff to the general service staff, a special thanks to the chief and assistant who attended me. Never lose your human and ethical warmth, a thousand and a thousand thanks to everyone for their care and the excellent work they do every day.

    Nubia Méndez Peña

    2019-11-27 · CENTENARIO