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Stories, thanks and congratulations

Every month our users through the different means of institutional communication let us know the perception they have of the service we provided. These stories, thanks and congratulations highlight the work done by the headquarters officials, demonstrating their excellent service.

  • Family member William Alberto Mendoza I thank with all my heart to the medical staff of the fifth floor, doctors and nurses, and especially thanks to the doctor of social work for all the support and all they did for my father with all my heart. God bless you.


    Gregorio Mendoza

    2020-06-25 · CENTENARIO

    Nurses Sandra Goyeneche, Lucia Beltrán and Paola Barrero, I congratulate the clinic for having a group of excellent nurses who carry out their work with ethics and respect and kindness, supporting the patient at all times and providing immediate solutions to the required service. God bless...

    Sandra Sánchez Quiñones

    2020-06-28 · CENTENARIO

    God sent us an angel in a white coat who works at the centennial clinic, thank you for your excellent work, God bless your hands and every work you do in your profession, Intensive Care Intensive Care Unit doctors.

    If love cannot heal, the nurses will, God bless your work and everything...

    Germán Chávez

    2020-07-15 · CENTENARIO

  • I am the daughter of the patient and I want to thank God for doctors like this, who in emergency for the covid 19 should be at home, thank you for helping my mother in difficult times and not just you. If not all the staff of the clinic will take them in my prayers so that the Lord Jesus Christ s...

    Aleyda Buitrago

    2020-05-09 · SAN RAFAEL

    Exams then surgery thousand thousand thanks because they took care of it quickly and thanks to the surgeons thank you very much to all those who work for health for all the doctors, nurses and other personnel thousand thousand thanks.

    I am very grateful for your attention. God b...

    Nubia Méndez Peña

    2020-04-21 · CENTENARIO

    Thanks to Dra Paola for her patience in this month and 2 days that we spent with my mother, an excellent professional, she takes great care of her demanding patients as they should be and for all this happens with the quarantine. We feel safe, the bosses and assistants do a good team work dedicat...

    Maritza Medina

    2020-04-06 · SAN RAFAEL

  • I Wilier Orlando Suárez and family want to give a cordial greeting of thanks to all their doctors and nurses for their excellent service provided to my mother Elvira Suárez as they did everything they could to save my mother's life but God wanted to take her to the heaven.


    Wilier Orlando Suarez

    2020-04-05 · SAN RAFAEL


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